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I'm back. Back again.

2009-04-29 08:45:58 by FreeRiderPete

Just wanted you all to know that I'm here now.
Wanna make any comments, or show off your cool track?
post it here!


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2009-04-29 10:02:12

y is free rider under a diffrent account???

FreeRiderPete responds:

What are you talking about?


2009-05-02 16:29:28



2009-05-29 13:23:33

-18 1i 18 1i ne 1i,34 1i 3o 18 4c u 8e u 9m 1i,c6 1i e2 k ec k ec 1i,fa 1i fa k fk a i4 a no a,n4 1i om 1i om a no a,m6 a om -a om a,1be 3e 1da 3e 1g4 34 1hm 2g 1iu 1i 1k6 0 1kq -1s 1l4 -3e 1le -3e 1m2 -1s 1mc -u 1mm k 1n0 1i 1nu 3e 1p6 50 1r2 68 1ts 6s 228 6s 244 68 260 4m 27s 26 2c8 26 2c8 2g 2qu 2g,12m 1i 15q 2q 198 3e 1be 3e,12m 1i om 1i,2cs 2g 2cs 1s 2dg 1s 2dg 2g,2cs 1s 2gk 1s 2gk 2g,2gk 1s 2gk 18 2cs 18 2cs 1s,2g0 2g 2g0 26 2g0 1s 2ga 1s 2gk 1s,2gk 1i 2gk a 2cs a 2cs 1i,2fm -18 2ga a,2d6 a 2dq -18 2fm -18,2cs k 2gk k,2dq k 2dq 18,2fm k 2fm 18,2dg -k 2g0 -k,2ng 2g 2ng 26 34k 26 35i 26 36q 26 3ce 26 3ki 26 3q6 26,2rs 26 2rs 2g 2q0 2g,286 26 286 2g 2c8 2g,37e 26 374 26,37o 26 37e 26 374 1s,374 18 382 18 382 1i 374 1i,382 1i 382 1s 38c 1s 38c u 38c 18,38c u 3ai u 3ai 18 38c 18,3ai 18 3ai 1s 3as 1s 3as 18 3bq 18 3bq 1i 3as 1i,3bq 1i 3bq 1s 3bg 26,3a8 26 3ai 26,3a8 26 3a8 1i 38m 1i 38m 26,37o 26 37e 1s 37o 1s 382 26,3b6 26 3bg 1s 3b6 1s 3as 26,3fs 26 3as u 3as k 3g6 26,3lg 1s 3k8 26 3o0 a 3nm a 3ju 26,3mo u 3mo 26,3mo u 3nc k 3q6 k 3qq u 3mo u,3qq u 3qq 26 3ps 26,3nc 18 3nc 1s 3q6 1s 3q6 18 3nc 18,3r4 0 3r4 26 3qq 26,3r4 26 4fo 26 4p4 26 5cq 26,3r4 a 3t0 a 3tc t 3u1 1c 3ur 1o 3vn 1v 40n 23 41m 26,2hi 2g 2hi k 2h8 k 2h8 a 2jo a 2jo k 2je k 2je 2g,2je k 2hi k,2hi a 2i6 a 2ig a,2hs a 2i6 0 2iq 0 2j4 a,2hi a 2i6 -a 2iq -a 2je a,2i6 -k 2nq 26,2i6 -k 2iq -k 2o4 26,374 18 374 1s,332 26 332 a 34k a 34k 26,332 a 32o a 332 0 34k 0 34u a 34k a,33c 0 33m -a 2um 26,33m -a 34a -k 340 -u 2uc 1s 2to 26,33m -a 340 -a 34a 0,43s 26 44l 26 45g 23 46c 1o 472 16 47l e 481 -9,47u 0 49q 0 4d8 26,4fe 26 4g3 23 4gs 1p 4hj 18 4i5 j,4i8 k 4k4 k 4k4 26,4k4 a 4o6 26,4k4 a 4j6 0 4j6 a 4l2 u 4ns 26,518 26 525 26 533 26 546 26 55d 22 56m 1o 57p 17 594 8 5aa -s 5bc -29 5cb -3t 5d6 -5p 5dv -7q,5e2 -7q 5e2 26 5cq 26,5e2 26 5e2 -qs#-18 1i 20m 1i,2gk -5k 2eo -1i,2f2 -1i 2e4 -42,2ee -1s 2h8 -2g 2e4 -42,2dg -ak 2dq -6i,2b0 -bi 2gk -ak,2hi -8o 2eo -68,2hi -8o 2hi -5u,2g0 -76 2hs -6s,2ms -7q 2h8 -68,2je -84 2m8 -5a,2p2 -7g 2pc -68,2p2 -5a 2ng -3o,2ng 2g 2ng 26,2rs 26 2rs 2g 2q0 2g,2rs -a 2rs -9m,2rs -5a 2r8 -50 2qk -42 2rs -42,2qk -42 2ri -50,2qk -42 2qk -34 2rs -34,2qk -34 2qk -2q,2qk -3e 2rs -3e,2qk -3o 2rs -3o,2rs -4c 2qu -4c,2rs -4m 2r8 -4m,2rs -50 2r8 -50,2rs -68 2r8 -68 2r8 -5u 2rs -5u,2qu -34 2qu -2q,2r8 -34 2r8 -2q,2ri -34 2ri -2q,2va 26 2v0 a 30i a 308 26,2v0 a 2um a 2v0 0 30i 0 30s a 30i a,2vu 26 308 a,2vk 26 2vu a,2va 26 2vk a,2va a 2va 26,2va 0 2vk -a 2vu -a 308 0,316 26 30s 1s 30i 18,31g a 31q a 32e k 32e u,31q a 324 0,31q a 31g 0 324 0,32e k 32e 18 32e 1i 324 26 316 26,2rs -a 2rs 26,2rs -1s 2ri -1s 2ri 26,2fm k 2gk 18 2g0 k 2ga 18 2ga k,2gk 18 2ga k,2fm 18 2g0 k,2fm 18 2ga k,2fm 18 2gk k 2g0 18 2g0 k,2gk k 2ga 18,2fm k 2g0 18,2fm k 2ga 18,2fm k 2gk 18,2cs 18 2dq k 2d6 18 2d6 k 2dg 18 2dg k,2dq 18 2cs k 2dg 18,2cs k 2d6 18,2dq u 2dg 18,2cs 18 2d6 k,2cs 18 2dg k,2dq 18 2d6 k,2dq 18 2dg k,3r4 26 3r4 0 3qq 0 3qq -a 3re -a 3re 0 3r4 0 3r4 26 4g2 26,3qq 0 3qq -a 3re -a 3re 0 3qq 0,31g a 30s k 30i 18,4fo 26 4p4 26#


2009-06-02 00:39:39

I was just wondering if you could make another free rider game :)


2009-06-03 15:14:37

-18 1i 18 1i,-1a v -s 13,2q 4j 3d 4d,l 91 15 90,-10 1nt -19 1nd,l l8 g lq a me 2 n2 -9 nl -o o7 -18 op -1s pc -2h q0 -36 qg -3r qv -4j rf -5f rr -6j sa -7v t1 -98 to -am uh -c8 v8 -du vt -fl 10i -hf 116 -j9 11p -l4 12a -mu 12p -op 137 -qj 13l,-1iu 1lg -1jd 1lg,-41f -4hf -40p -4h9 -401 -4h3 -3v8 -4gt -3ue -4gi -3tm -4g2 -3sp -4fe -3s0 -4eq -3r6 -4e2 -3qd -4d9 -3pi -4cd -3of -4b9 -3nf -4a7 -3md -491 -3la -47o -3k6 -46b -3j3 -44t -3i1 -43d -3h3 -41s -3gb -40a -3fm -3un -3f4 -3t2 -3em -3rc -3ec -3pm -3e7 -3nu -3e8 -3m8 -3ej -3ki -3f2 -3is -3fo -3h7 -3gh -3fj -3hf -3e1 -3ii -3cg -3jn -3b2 -3l0 -39n -3mb -38g -3nj -37h -3on -36s -3pv -36c -3r3 -364 -3se -361 -3tq -360 -3vc -35u -40n -35s -424 -35p -43j -35o -454 -35m -46m -35j -489 -35i -49t -35g -4bh -35f -4d7 -35d,-4d7 -35d -4et -35b -4gj -359 -4ia -357 -4k1 -355 -4lp -352 -4ng -350 -4p8 -34u -4r1 -34s -4so -34r,-4ue -3el -4ue -38p,-4ug -3ek -4s5 -38s -4s2 -3el,-4q9 -3ef -4q7 -395,-4qv -3ed -4pj -3ed,-4qq -396 -4pn -398,-4lt -3el -4og -3bg -4me -39d,-4kb -3eq -4ki -39l,-4kd -3ek -4is -3ek,-4kd -3ch -4j3 -3cf,-4kg -39s -4j1 -39p,-4oq -38u -4oq -38h,-4o0 -38s -4nu -38f,-4p4 -38c -4of -37m -4nk -38a,-526 -2vm -51m -2vm,-56h -2ua -56s -2um,-54c -2pg -53t -2pk,-57l -2i3 -577 -2i6,-5i4 -2nh -5j3 -2n7 -5k2 -2n4 -5ko -2md -5l4 -2lj -5l1 -2km -5kh -2k0 -5jo -2ji -5ip -2jg,-5hp -2lq -5hq -2kv -5hq -2k7 -5hr -2jj -5hq -2kb -5hl -2l4 -5h5 -2ll -5ge -2lj,-5fj -2lb -5f1 -2lo -5f9 -2m9 -5fs -2lp -5g3 -2kv -5g1 -2k2 -5fo -2jb -5f2 -2j1,-5e1 -2m6 -5dd -2lg -5da -2kl -5dl -2k1 -5ea -2kh -5ej -2la -5ei -2m1,-5ef -2lv -5e1 -2m7,-5dc -2om -5dd -2nn -5dd -2mq -5dd -2lt -5dc -2l3 -5dc -2kd,-5ck -2m9 -5ck -2lf -5cj -2kl -5ck -2ju,-5ck -2oe -5cl -2np,-5bl -2oo -5bk -2nm -5bh -2mj -5bf -2lk -5be -2km,-5cc -2nc -5bn -2nl -5b4 -2nt,-5a6 -2ng -5ak -2mv -5ao -2m9 -5a8 -2lu -5a1 -2l8 -5ad -2kk -5b0 -2k9,-5fa -1qq -5fp -1qv,-5dh -1ir -5d1 -1iu,-5gl -199 -5g2 -19c,-5je -14q -5jv -14p,-5rk -na -5s4 -nc,-62d -7v -62u -7v,-3hv 7qh -3he 7ro -3gs 7t2,-6e7 1fm -6dp 1g7 -6d6 1gp -6cf 1hc -6bm 1i0 -6ar 1ih -69v 1j0 -691 1je -684 1js -66s 1kh -65g 1la -648 1m2 -62s 1mr -61c 1nl -5vq 1og -5u6 1pb -5sh 1q6 -5qr 1r1 -5p3 1rq -5na 1si -5lf 1t9 -5jj 1tu -5hn 1ui -5fq 1v5 -5ds 1vn -5bu 208 -59v 20o -581 215,-5kq 1la -5ko 1m5 -5kk 1n0 -5kg 1nm -5jt 1ms -5jf 1m2 -5j3 1la,-5kd 1ng -5kp 1od -5l2 1pc,-5j1 1nb -5i5 1nn -5hm 1oi -5i2 1pe -5iv 1pl -5jm 1p0 -5ji 1o5 -5j5 1nf,-5h2 1o6 -5h4 1p6 -5gt 1q0 -5g2 1pc -5fq 1og -5fu 1pe -5fv 1qd,-5cr 1ng -5d7 1oj -5dh 1pk,-5ch 1ng -5cc 1oi -5c5 1pf -5bi 1oh -5ar 1nk -5aq 1oq -5b0 1pr,-59t 1pv -599 1qo -5a6 1qs -5a9 1q3,-59p 1ps -5ac 1q3,-58g 1pl -58q 1qg -592 1r5 -58n 1qd -57t 1qc -57s 1r8 -586 1ro -57k 1qu -570 1q7 -569 1qm -56i 1rf,-58d 1v1 -58s 1uq##T -5h9 1tt,T -4s0 -35l,G -3oe -38b 5k,G -3hn -3fa 5k,G -3vh -379 5n,G -6ss -1rl 2j,G -5ee 1b1 b6,G -1km 3d9 9t,G -1jv 1u9 5k,B -19i 1ku 8,B -19g 1kt 8,B -19d 1l3 au,B -19d 1kr b8,B -19f 1kt 6,B -19g 1l0 8,B -19f 1kt b8,B -19f 1kr 8,B -19g 1kp b8,B -19d 1kt b8,B -19f 1ku 8,B -19f 1l2 b8,B -19f 1ko b8,B -19f 1kp b8,B -19d 1kt b8,B -19f 1ku b8,B -19g 1l0 b8,B -19f 1ku b8,B -19d 1kp av,B -19i 1l3 6,B -19i 1l0 b8,B -19f 1kr am,B -19f 1kr b8,B -19f 1kr b8,B -19f 1km b8,B -19f 1kt b8,B -19f 1kp b8,B 3h bs 8k


2009-06-04 21:37:19

well it has nothing to do with this but why did you make a free rider2 before making a free rider1

FreeRiderPete responds:

I didn't.


2009-06-07 18:24:00

18 1i -3e 8e -4c a0 -50 bs,-76 gs -9c hq,-em k0 -gs k0,-kk kk -ls jm,-i4 oc -em se,-cg 106 -bi 10g,-6s 14i -5k 14i,-18 164 u 164,3o 17c 3o 198,2g 1c2 a 1be,42 1da 50 1da,76 1hc 68 1hc,8e 1ji 7q 1js,9m 1nk ak 1nk,8o 1r2 9c 1r2,9m 1r2 aa 1r2,68 1u6 9c 21u,9m 228 do 24e,em 260 k0 278,kk 27s m6 27i,p0 286 r6 278,o2 29o li 2ac,hg 2d6 io 2fc,ls 2iq mg 2iq,qs 2pc ls 2pc,r6 2qu q8 2qu,so 2v0 s4 2v0,rq 2vk qs 2vk,u0 366 rq 38c,pk 3ce ne 3c4,ku 3ea j2 3b6,mq 3ic mg 3im,k0 3me io 3lg,mq 3qg l8 3ta jm 3vg h6 438 fu 43s ec 43s de 43s cg 43i,a0 44g a0 43i,a0 446 6s 446,6s 44g 6s 42u,a0 43s 6s 43s,6s 43i 76 43i 7g 43s##T 92 420,T 8e 420,T 7q 420,S m6 2je,S n4 2iq,S l8 2iq,S m6 2i6,T m6 2iq,T m6 294,T -50 a0,T -k0 kk,T pa 2oe,T oc 2oe

this is a nice little auto.


2009-07-11 21:45:02

-18 1i 18 1i aa -u,ak -u hg -u,i4 -u 13u -u,14s -u 1pq -u,1qo -u 3ps -u,3q6 -u 4cu -u,4di -u 7n6 -u,7pc -u 9po -u,9qc -u 9ue -u,9vm -u a2g -u,a3o -u a5k -u,a76 -u a9m -u,ab8 -u ade -u,aem -u agi -u,ahg -u ak0 -u,al8 -u an4 -u,ano -u aoc -u au0 -u,auu -u b14 -u,b1o -u b2c -u,b30 -u b3k -u,b48 -u b4s -u,b5g -u b64 -u,b6o -u b7c -u,b80 -u b8u -u,b9i -u ba6 -u,baq -u bbe -u,bcc -u be8 -u,bes -u c2i -u c60 -u,c86 -u cqk -u ebc -4c,efe -k epe -a,etg 2q f76 3e,fau 6s fpa 7q,fqs au gcm de,gd0 hg h52 m6,h4e pk i4u 12m,i58 172 im4 1cm,inc 1ge j70 1le,j7k 1o8 jmk 1o8,jq2 1o8 k0a 1o8,jmk 1pg jqc 1pg,k7g 5uu k7g 61o kaa 61o l06 61o jmu 61o,kaa 61o kaa 5uu#k7g 5vs kaa 5vs,k7g 5uu kaa 5uu kfu 5uu kfu 5rq kaa 5rq,k7g 5vi kaa 5vi,kaa 5v8 k7q 5v8 k7g 5v8,k7g 5uu k7g 5p0 k7g 5no kaa 5no kaa 5p0,kaa 5pa kaa 5p0,k7g 5s4 kaa 5s4,k7g 5uu k3e 5uu k3e 5rq k7g 5rq,k5a 5se k5a 5uk k4c 5u0,k5u 5u0 k5a 5uk,kau 5t2 kau 5uk kbs 5uk,kc6 5tc kc6 5uk kcq 5uk kcq 5tc kc6 5tc,kd4 5ua kdo 5ua,kdo 5tm kd4 5tm kd4 5t2 kdo 5t2,ke2 5s4 kf0 5s4,kec 5so kf0 5so,kec 5so ke2 5so,kdo 5tm kdo 5ua,ke2 5s4 ke2 5tc kf0 5tc,k7q 5q8 k84 5rg k8e 5q8 k8o 5r6 k92 5q8,k9c 5pk k9c 5pa,kaa 5pa kaa 5v8,k9c 5qs k9c 5pu,k9m 5rq k9m 5pu ka0 5qs ka0 5om,kaa 5rg kaa 5pa,k8o 5so k8o 5ua k84 5tm k8o 5uk k92 5uk k9m 5tc,k92 5ua k9m 5tc,k92 5ua k92 5so k8o 5so#S gda bs,S ga6 bi,S g64 b8,S g8a bs,S g48 au,S g1e a0,S fvi 9c,S fua 6i,S ftc 68,S frq 5u,S fq8 68,S fp0 6i,S fo2 5u,S fls 4m,S fmq 5a,S fkk 4c,S fj2 3o,S fau 2g,S f9c 26,S f84 1s,S f76 1i,S f4c 18,S f5a 18,S f2g 18,S f0u u,S evc a,S eue 0,S etg -a,S esi -k,S eqm -1i,S ep4 -26,S emu -2g,S ek4 -3e,S ek4 -3e,S ei8 -4c,S eg2 -5a,S ed8 -5k,B k k 2c,B -k k 2v


2009-07-15 01:16:11

are you making or going to make a free rider 3?


2009-07-21 16:59:32

like both free riders altho y didnt u post both free riders on newgrounds
other websites have them

FreeRiderPete responds:

I had some minor issues with some of the script.
And I couldn't locate my original .fla, since it was located on my other harddrive, that broke a while ago.
You can still play it at .


2009-08-28 17:13:17

-18 1i 18 1i,17 1h 27 1h 3i 1h 4u 1h 6i 1h 80 1h 9h 1h b5 1h cr 1h ej 1h gc 1h i7 1h k3 1h m0 1h nu 1h ps 1h rs 1h tr 1h vr 1h 11s 1h 13t 1h 15u 1h 17v 1h 1a1 1h 1c5 1f 1dp 1b 1ff 16 1h5 t 1it i 1kk 5 1mc -9 1o3 -n 1pq -14 1rg -1g 1t6 -1q 1ur -23 20g -2c 224 -2j,1q9 -16 2fu -72 2fu 1r -1q 1r,-1q -p -16 -p -16 1k,2lr 1l 2mn 1l 2nn 1l 2oo 1l 2pv 1l 2r8 1l 2sd 1l 2ti 1l 2um 1l 2vm 1l 30k 1l 31g 1l 32b 1l 334 1l 33r 1m 34e 1m 34t 1m,3og 10 3nf 10 3m7 t 3l0 r 3jl o 3i9 k 3h0 i 3fq f 3en e,3ai a4 3aj b4 3ak bv 3a4 cl 39f d3 38h dh 37e ec 365 f6 34j fr 32q gd 30q gt 2ul ha 2su hi 2r5 hq 2pa i0 2nd i6 2le ib 2je ig 2hd ik 2fa io 2d7 ir 2b2 iu 28t j0 26n j3 24h j4 22a j6 203 j8 1tr j9 1rm ja 1po jb 1o0 j9 1m9 j0 1kj id 1iu hg 1he gi 1g0 fk 1ei ep 1cv e1 1ba dc 19i cq 17o cc 15t c1 13v bq 120 bm 100 bi tu bg rs bf po bd nk bc lf bf ja bn,ja bn h6 c8 f1 d0 cs du al f2 8f ga 67 hm 40 j5 1o ki -j ln -2v mp -5b nn -7n oe -a3 oq -cf os -eq ol -h6 o5 -jb ne -l9 mf -mv la -od js -pk i7 -ql gd -rh ef -sb cg,-sb cg -t1 am,-1j7 5l -1i0 5m -1gm 5m -1fi 5m -1e6 5n -1cs 5p -1bf 64 -1a8 6h -192 78 -17t 87 -16q 93 -15n 9n -14m a3 -13i ab -12g ag -11g ak -10d an -vd aq -uh ar -tj as -sr as,3of 10 3on 4k 3p1 8s,3pd ds 3pr jb 3qa p0 3qp un 3r8 14e 3rn 1a2 3s5 1fj 3sh 1l0 3st 1q8,3ug -dk 3hs -dk,382 -en 3hv -em 3hv -dk,49k 5d 49t 1pn 41s 1ph 41s 1v7 3fm 1v7,3su 1q7 3fc 1q7,3oo 5m 406 5l,466 3s 464 4i 464 5g 464 6e 460 7g 45n 8e 44v 9b 43v 9u 42t ac 41t ak 40t aq,412 eq 40b eq 3vh eq 3ug eo 3te ef 3sf e1 3rn dc 3r3 cf 3qb be 3pf a8,3p0 8p 3pd dv,49k i6 491 iq 48d jk 47v ki 47l lm 47c mo 470 np 46g oi 45r pa 456 pr 44a qa 43e qi 42a q4 41j pb,418 qc 422 qr 430 r5 43t ra 44q rd 45n r4 46i qi 478 q0 484 pd 494 p2,492 p2 49g pd 49k pv 49m qh,494 jh 48j js 48n kg 49a k4 497 jg,48o jt 48p k3 48v k3 48v jt 48r k0 48v k4,48v jt 48s jr,48u ju 48v jr,48v jq 48r ju 48m k0,48r k0 48u k0,48u ju 48r jr,48r ju 48u ju 48r ju,48p k0 48u k0,40v es 41m er 42g er 43c er 447 eq 452 ep,49k en 49b f9 494 ft 48t gj 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4c,-263 4e -25u 4g -25m 4h,-25h 4h -257 4h,-255 4h -24r 4g,-24p 4e -24e 48 -249 3v,-248 3s -246 3g -246 37,-246 34 -247 2u,-249 2o -24e 2h,-24f 2h -24o 2f,-24q 2f -251 2f,-257 2f -25b 2f,-24v 53


2009-10-01 21:57:51

when are you going make a third one


2009-10-04 20:00:58

will there be free rider 3


2009-11-29 21:33:52

you know its still disgusting how someone can pose of an author of a popular flash game and get away with it.


2009-12-08 07:22:00

You rock dude that is a cool game


2009-12-13 09:46:32

Guys, this isn't the real Pete. He made a post ages ago saying he was an imposter and he has deleted it.


2009-12-22 00:23:43

pretty bad as game


2009-12-23 08:17:02

-18 1i 18 1i,14 1i a4 1k,9i -5p hc -5k,hf -5k mf -7e,mh -7e 12q -7q 1ar -6s,1l5 -8o 1ku dj,1nq h1 17d 10o,17g 10q nn 112,nk 112 ji vi,df 12k di bi,di bl dk aq dr 9t e5 90 en 83 fa 7b g3 6p gu 6b hr 61 iu 5t jv 61 l2 6a m6 6r n5 7n np 8n o3 9t o3 bb o1 cm nv e5 nf f9 mj g2 lm gv l5 i3 kr ja kp km kp m9 kn nk kk ol,1l4 bf 1oq i9##G iv 7b 1,T f0 9o,G hl uk 8g,G 13d v5 5e,G 1jn er 4a,G 18n -5p 2s,G 9h k 2


2009-12-27 14:19:01

suicide land -18 1i 18 1i,18 1h 4b 2f dp 3r e9 287,e6 27r ea 2p7 15o 2p9 15b 3r,fk 2p3 fh 29u,em 2p3 eo 28r,gf 2p3 gk 295,f7 2p5 f2 28c,fu 2p0 g3 266,h1 2p3 hd 28m,i1 2p5 i9 27e,it 2p5 j2 27l,jr 2p5 k2 27o,li 2pa l8 284,nl 2p8 n1 287,ml 2ou m8 284,pa 2p0 oe 284,qf 2p3 pp 27g,rs 2p0 rq 28c,t9 2p8 t9 28m,up 2p0 v3 28h,10b 2pf 10v 292,11o 2p5 127 2b3,134 2p0 140 2bb,13m 2ou 14a 2bs,14c 2p5 150 2fs,kk 2p3 kj 28a,o8 2ou nk 27o,po 2op p3 27o,r4 2p3 r0 284,sk 2p1 sh 27v,tu 2p5 tq 28h,vj 2ou vr 28m,10u 2p5 11g 2av,12o 2n8 12p 2ba,12n 2n6 12l 2pc,123 2o7 120 2p4,157 2p9 15b 2g5,12q 2p6 12t 2n1,132 2ou 135 2p9,13j 2op 13i 2p8,128 2p7 12c 2gu,11a 2p4 11j 2j8,-19 1i -1b -2j,m7 2p6 ls 292,131 2p8 139 2bh,134 2bd 12d 2p5,15f 2ol 15e 2ei,12c 2gt 12h 2ba,14v 2fr 14v 2bj,qr 2p6 qb 27q,141 2p9 14j 2bo,156 2bj 14q 2p8,rf 2p6 rf 2ob rf 2nd rf 2l9 rb 289,po 11u pp p0#k7 223 ko 23t ms 21n,kr 23o ig 25r,oo 22b nn 236 nn 24o ov 25k qh 257 r0 23j p4 22b,si 21k si 23t si 25h uc 26d 10a 25k 105 21p,le 25m lj 27n mm 260 mm 27v nf 265,ol 265 ol 27l,pv 265 pv 27l qt 27l,s5 26f s5 27n ss 27n,ue 26n ue 284,ue 26u v9 26u uj 281,100 26u 11a 26u,10m 26u 10h 28b ve 28b,10f 28b 11a 28b,13j 276 12b 27i 12b 28t 13o 28q,12g 286 13g 284#B pg 2ek 5k,B pt 2dq 63,B pq 2bh 5h,B p4 2a8 4m,B ho 2bu 29,B i8 2fd af,B k1 2hn am,B jb 2hk 5k,B hb 2h0 3b,B hb 2gd 5k,B na 2fn 87,B on 2f1 7i,B 11p 2g4 8l,B 113 2gd 23,B t3 2et 3i,B sg 2et 2q,B pn 2gk 1h,B ln 2ha 32,B hb 2fd 4a,B ih 2fd 8e,B jh 2fa 6n,B jr 2e7 66,B ku 2ch 6r,B nk 2d4 8r,B nt 2d4 8e,B pk 2de 8n,B rj 2cn 74,B p7 2ck 3l,B l7 2ar 3u,B q0 2br 8j,B m1 2e7 1t,B i1 2da 37,B ib 2c1 5k,B ge 2d4 10,B fu 2f1 i,B fu 2f7 b8,B ma 2et 8a,B v0 2fk 8j,B 129 2eq 80,B 110 2e7 3i,B vs 2cq 4g,B ud 2ca 2q,B r3 2ck 2l,B q4 2bd 4q,B i0 28m 2o,B gp 29m 1i,B ih 2b4 9l,B qr 2hd 73,B ts 2hf 8f,B v0 2hd 8b,B 11s 2ip 9b,B 121 2jo b1,B 116 2mf f,B v7 2l7 3q,B 10k 2jg 70,B s6 2kh 2d,B v0 2jt 81,B uh 2j1 47,B s5 2ia 3b,B qp 2i0 9j,B qt 2iq b0,B pg 2jj 8v,B pc 2ji 52,B rd 2jb 8l,B vr 2jo 8j,B 128 2mi 9v,B s8 2kr 3h,B sd 2km 71,B v4 2le 9i,B v5 2lj am,B 13d 2mn 7v,B 14p 2j5 62,B 14g 2fl 5f,B 159 2et 7v,B 15b 2f0 b8,B 15f 2fn b1,B 15l 2gv av,B 15m 2i5 b8,B 15l 2kh b3,B 15f 2mt c,B 15e 2nb 7v,B 15p 2n0 5g,B 14b 2mf 2h,B 13t 2k1 5s,B 10f 2kt 2c,B 12j 2mq 9n,B 13f 2kg 69,B 10o 2le 22,B 11g 2m9 97,B 138 2n3 96,B 14o 2mq 79,B 14s 2mq 8e,B 15i 2p9 b8


2010-01-23 02:07:13

Try this one out. It'snot too hard but it's fun.

-18 1i 18 1i,17 1i 1q 1i 2f 1i 37 1d 3u 16 4q o 5m -1 6h -10 7c -28 7u -3g,7v -3h 80 -2o 83 -1s 84 -q 85 6 86 1b 87 2i 87 3p 89 54 8c 6e 8h 7t 8n 9e 9r g6,9r g5 a8 hu al jp b5 lm bp nk ch pj d5 r4,ik 14e jt 15v l6 17g mi 191 o0 1ah pg 1bv r3 1db sn 1el ud 1ft 105 1h4 11u 1i8 13p 1ja 15k 1ka 17f 1l9 19b 1m4 1b9 1mu 1d7 1nl 1f6 1ob 1h7 1ou 1j9 1pf 1lc 1pt 1ne 1qb 1ph 1qm 1rl 1r0 1to 1r9 1vs 1rh 220 1rm 244 1ro 266 1ro 286 1rl 2a7 1ri 2c6 1rc 2e5 1r5 2g4 1qr 2i0 1qc 2jp 1pq 2li 1p6 2n9 1of 2ov 1nk 2qj 1ml 2rl 1lc 2sg 1jv 2tb 1ii 2u2 1h1 2ue 1fd 2ua 1dl 2u7 1bt,2q8 1e2 2c4 1e1,m4 12b 2c0 1e0,ig 149 h4 120,h2 120 -4h 11s,-i7 13j -jf 13i -l1 13h -mg 13f -o6 139 -pu 132 -rq 12l -tp 126 -vd 11m -114 10v -12s 101 -14k uo -16c tc -183 rq -19q pv -1bb nu -1cn lp -1do je -1ek h0,-1g0 bs -1gb 9d -1fr 72,-1eq 4t -1dd 2s -1bv u -1a7 -p -189 -26 -165 -37 -13s -3t -11f -47 -uv -47 -sd -3r -pn -2v -nb -1m -l9 -5 -jf 1h -hu 3c -gm 5a -fn 79 -eq 98 -du b6 -d3 d3 -ci f1 -c5 gu -bo iq -ba kl -b6 mi -b9 og -bb qd,-4i 11p -b2 11k,-1fb eg -1el gv,-1g1 bq -1fb ef,-1er 4u -1fr 72,-b2 11j -b2 12f -b6 13f -b9 14m -bc 15v -bd 17l -bg 19c -bk 1bb -bq 1dh -c0 1fa -cb 1h5 -cq 1j1 -dc 1ku -e0 1mq -ej 1on -f7 1qk -fs 1sh -gp 1uf -ho 20c,-hp 20a -i6 211 -ik 222 -j9 233 -k0 245 -kp 25e -lg 26j -ma 27r -na 297 -oa 2ah -pd 2bs -qg 2d6 -rk 2ef -sr 2fm -u6 2gr -vl 2i0 -11b 2ja -12m 2kb -145 2le -15l 2mh -178 2nl -191 2op -1au 2pu -1cs 2r2 -1et 2s7 -1h4 2ta -1je 2ub -1lt 2vb -1oi 30b -1rc 319 -1uc 324 -21h 32t -24s 33k -284 349 -2ba 34q -2ef 355 -2hj 35d -2kl 35j -2nm 35n -2qm 35r -2tl 35u,-2tl 35t -2tm 34g,-2u9 376 -2sq 3b7 -2s5 384 -2rc 3b6 -2qc 37g,-2pv 375 -2q3 3b0,-2r3 3b0 -2p2 3b6,-2qn 36s -2p0 377,-2od 3bl -2oi 378,-2oj 378 -2n4 3bf -2nc 378,-2m5 371 -2lu 3aj -2l7 3aj -2lg 36q -2m6 372#2qs 1cf 2tr 1cc 2tr 1cs 2ri 1e1 2ts 1e2,2tr 1e1 2tr 1eh 2qv 1ed 2r1 1dp 2ti 1co 2qt 1cs 2qu 1cd#T -2rl 34b,B -2ph 337 8f,B -2pd 33d 8e,B -2q8 33s 8l,B -2pr 340 8n,B -2pf 33s 8c,B -2qb 333 55,B -2ps 333 4a,B -2pu 33i 6j,B -2q1 330 5k,B -2q3 332 5f,B -2qa 330 4p,B -2ql 333 4n,B -2qp 335 57,B -2r8 333 5k,B -2r6 335 5k,B -2rn 32k 53,B -2ri 32t 59,B -2rq 32o 5k,B -2ro 32r 5g,B -2rv 32u 5k,B -2rv 333 4c,B -2se 335 4i,B -2sl 33c 50,B -2t4 335 4l,B -2ta 33h 5f,B -2tj 33r 4p,B -2to 33h 54,B -2tp 33c 5k,B -2te 335 5o,B -2tj 337 57,B -2t7 33d 5a,B -2t0 33h 57,B -2tp 340 2v,B -2th 345 2q,B -2to 34b 2q,B -2t5 348 5k,B -2uk 33s 2s,B -2tt 33s 34,B -2ud 33s 2q,B -2u2 34p 26,B -2t4 351 am,B -2th 34q 2u,B -2u8 34d 2q,B -2u2 34b 2q,B -2tu 33u 35,B -2pn 348 8p,B -2ps 34q 8p,B -2pr 34s 8t,B -2pm 353 8l,B -2pn 34k 85,B -2q1 34l 81,B -2pr 35d 8e,B -2q0 34l 8i,B -2q5 34k 8e,B -2qd 35t 9g,B -2q6 35e 8e,B -2q1 35d 8e,B -2qn 364 1m,B -2qp 367 r,B -2q8 361 b2,B -2qs 35t b2,B -2qp 364 2,B -2rj 364 s,B -2ri 35v 8,B -2r4 361 b8,B -2rs 361 e,B -2s2 366 b8,B -2s6 362 b8,B -2rt 35j b8,B -2sh 35q b6,B -2sq 35t b8,B -2t5 35q b1,B -2qf 356 8e,B -1fd 88 d,S -2ll 3av,T -bu q8,B -2tn 34a 2q,B -2tq 34h 2n,B -2tr 34p 2j,B -2u8 34r 2q,B -2te 34v 1o,B -2tr 359 2e,B -2tk 35h 2f,B -2tk 35k 2f,B -2tb 35o 2d,B -2te 35n 2d,B -2t8 35j 2q,B -2ti 35b 2s,B -2tv 350 2q,B -2tr 351 2o,B -2ti 357 2i,B -2tl 35a 2l,B -2th 358 2q,B -2ue 350 33,B -2ue 34s 2q,B -2tl 34o 33,B -2tn 34n 35,B -2tm 34f 31,T -2of 35d,B -b8 o0 2v,B -b8 ld 2n,B -bg ju 2d,B -cb g3 2e,B -cp e7 27,B -e9 ab 1u,B -f5 8g 22,B -ga 5v 1o,B -hd 47 1q,B -ir 2a 1k,B -k5 r 1h,B -m6 -r 16,B -om -2e 11,B -r3 -3f q,B -tj -42 a,B -106 -47 0,B -12i -43 ar,B -14r -3l aq,B -176 -2o ab,B -196 -1j a6,B -1av -2 9r,B -1e3 3o 99,B -1cu 28 96,B -1f7 5k 9d,B -1fb ef 7s,B -1fg ea 7u,B -1fe ec 7t,B -1fc ed 2a,B -1g4 85 8r,B -1g4 at 87,B -1ed hm 7o,B -1d2 l3 7j,B -1bj nk 7d,B -19h qa 78,B -16t su 6v,B -13u v9 6r,B -11s 10i 6p,B -105 11c 6d,B -s6 12g 61,B -u9 120 68,B -q9 12r 5t,B -o9 136 5k,B -l4 13e 5k,B -jf 13e 5k,S 2tu 1bo,T 2tu 1bn,B l 15 2v,B l 14 2s,B l 16 2u,B l 16 2t,B l 17 2v


2010-02-01 01:57:33

It would be really cool if you made a free rider for the iphone/ipod touch.
Line rider made one and its pretty cool but free rider is better. I bet free rider would be a big hit on there. I'd buy it.
Good idea right? no? lol? yeah


2010-03-03 14:49:25

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2010-03-21 18:16:53

exscape the school
-18 1i 18 1i 17 1r -19 1r -19 1i,-s 1s -s 2p -n 2p -m 1r,g 1r g 2m n 2m n 1s,-50 1j -2i 1j -2i 2a -83 2a -83 1j -4j 1j,-84 2a -84 3q -7n 3q -7n 2c,-7n 3n -7f 3n -7f 2a,-2i 28 -2g 3n -2v 3n -2v 2c -39 2c -39 3n -2s 3n,-b0 b -b0 2f -8l 2h -8l 2s -bf 2s -bf c,-bf b -au b,-ar 2r -at 3s,-ap 3v -bc 3o -bj 4c -b4 4o -al 4d -ao 3q,-99 2r -99 3p,-8s 3u -9e 3p -9r 48 -9l 4r -92 4p -8n 49 -92 3q,-9m -2a -a9 -24 -ai -1h -ah -v -9q -o -93 -o -8i -15 -8v -1p -9h -26 -a3 -29,-9g -1r -9e -1l,-a4 -1q -a4 -1m,-a7 -19 -94 -19,-a2 -20 -9q -1o,-9j -25 -9q -1q,-9o -o -9o 20 -84 2k,-9o 1o -89 1u,-9o 7 -6r 9,-9o t -6r q,-6h o -70 u -6e 10 -6q k,-6s 7 -6a 5 -6q 1 -6m g,-cp 4n -bs 4s -b0 4v -a4 51 -94 52 -8b 4t -7i 4h -6o 44 -5l 3u -4n 3q -3s 3q -32 3s -28 3s -1i 3i -r 35 0 2v q 2r 1k 2p,-cq 4n -cq 3r -cp 2s -cp 1t -cq 10 -d6 2 -du -n -eo -1b -fo -24 -gf -30 -gg -43 -fu -59 -fc -6a -eo -76 -dn -7q -ck -89 -bf -8j -aa -8m -91 -8o -7q -8o -6o -8q -60 -8u -53 -90 -4a -8t -3i -8k -2r -87 -22 -7i -1b -6p -o -5s 1 -4v 10 -48 24 -3l 35 -36 44 -2n 52 -27 64 -1o 7d -1d 8r -18 ad -17,1g 2o 2p 2o 47 2o 5g 2n 6k 2m 7o 2l 8n 2j 9j 2i ae 2i b5 2h bp 2g d7 2h d9 3p eo 3p eo 4u g3 4u g2 67 hk 67 hk 7i j4 7h j1 8q,bp 2g jf 98,jf 96 k3 9n,j0 8p kd 8p k4 9n,ab -18 17g -18,lk 7i l5 7a ks 7q le 86 m1 82 lo 7h l9 7b,lf 84 lf 8l l9 97 l1 9k,lf 8j lm 93 m0 9g mg 9k,l0 8g ll 8i m8 8i,17b 9k 1f5 9d 1er 43,1eq 42 1e8 4n 1dm 5e 1d3 64 1cc 6q 1bi 7c 1am 7u 19t 8d 192 8o,17a 9j k5 9o,191 8l 187 8s 17d 90 16i 94 15p 96 150 98 148 9b 13h 9d 12q 9e 127 9f 11j 9g 10v 9i 10d 9j,1l2 4f 1kb 4f 1jn 4u 1ji 5l 1k3 67 1kq 6f 1lf 65 1ln 5d 1ld 4m 1kq 4d,1ko 6d 1ko 73 1kk 7q 1k9 8d 1js 8s,1kl 7e 1kl 81 1l2 8i 1lh 8r 1lu 95,1jt 8s 1j9 90 1iq 96,1jf 71 1kc 72 1l6 73 1lr 74,1k5 4s 1k6 5a,1l2 4o 1l2 58,1k3 5m 1km 5m,1kf 4q 1km 57,1ks 4i 1ko 51,1kl 5m 1l6 5m,1n6 94 1nr 6n 1ol 91 1p8 6n 1pr 91 1qg 6p 1qt 8v,1f5 9b 1su 8v,1st 8u 24n 8p,17f -18 1gm -42 1ni -4r 1t9 -3j,1t9 -3l 268 26,24k 8o 2k4 8c,269 26 2sj 22,2ju 8d 378 84,2sf 21 376 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2010-03-31 16:31:28

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2010-05-11 18:18:18

hey we need a 3rd


2010-05-16 03:21:37

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This is not impossible, this level is only for experts.


2010-05-28 00:13:09

I Have an idea for the"Free Rider II"Game,add a tank,mate!


2010-06-05 00:33:18

omg put back Free rider original back


2010-07-02 12:46:35

Make freerider 3 allready!


2010-07-13 17:12:23

where Tf iz the 3rd


2010-08-15 10:32:14

two things

no1 i think u shood bring back dat 3d thing from free rider 1

no2 u shood make a vechicle thats just a person and u hav 2 walk and jump and stufff

hope u read this :)


2010-10-17 18:51:04

free rider is gone hes went on with his life no 3rd :O


2010-11-10 12:29:14

Dude! Make more! Where you can make tricks, grind coller and other awesome stuff!

Oh, and while you're at it, add a skateboard!


2010-12-14 12:17:28


PLeaze make it free Rider e


2011-01-08 08:40:24



2011-02-27 18:20:04

WHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!there should be a 3 line ri-i mean free rider,that-that u can make ur own rider.and color the rider/ride.OHHHH THERE SHOULD BE NEW RIDES LIKE,LIKE...rollah coasters.skateboards.
MAI TRACK:-18 1i 18 1i,12 1i 9a -1e,99 -1f 9a 1n,9a 1o 17 1i,hg 28 q9 36,-19 1i -19 -2s 21 -2s,q7 34 13b 7o,13c 7o 12v du,12v ds pp 53 hf 3l hi 28,16m dl 1ki b2,1kh b3 1kt bb,1kv bb 1l4 b3 1lb bb 1li b3 1lo bb 1m3 b3 1mc bb 1mk b1 1ms ba,1mr ba 1n2 b1 1n8 b9 1ne b0 1nl b8 1nq b0 1o0 b8 1o6 b0 1ob b6 1ob de 1oc jk,1q8 b5 1qb ja,1q9 b5 1qu b5 1r3 j7,1s8 b4 1s7 gv,1s8 b4 1th b4 1ti gn 1th iq,1s5 gs 1s4 is,203 ci 28d ci,202 ci 202 iq,28k fv 2gl h8,2hv n3 30k jd,3c3 14m 3oq 130,3c4 14l 3d5 1ep,48k 12l 4bf 12l,2hu n0 2ho 10p,20 -2s 2s -2s,3op 131 3u9 129,3u8 12a 47a 11v,48i 12m 48i 12c 48i 11e 48i v8 48i s4 48i r6 4bc r6,4bc 12m 4bc 11e 4bc uu 4bc r6,47a 122 47a 11o 48i 11o#4u7 19d 4s6 1a5 4ta 1bu 4vk 1ar 4tt 19n,51d 1ca 52m 196 543 1bl 53u 18q,588 194 54r 191 54r 1bb 57o 1bb 57l 1a7 55v 1a7,597 1ca 593 18o 5bd 18l 595 1aa 5b5 1bq,5d3 1c5 5ee 18c 5ev 1b2,5dm 19u 5f1 1a0,5hg 194 5la 18t,5kd 18o 5kd 1bl,5oe 18h 5m6 18h 5m1 1a7 5o9 1aa 5o9 1av 5lv 1b2,5ql 180 5ql 1ac,5qe 1b2 5qc 1av 5qs 1bb,5qj 1b4 5qg 1b2 5q9 1bl,5qg 1bi 5qo 1bi,5qo 1bb 5qo 1b2,5qc 1bl 5qs 1b9,31v f6 31v h9 30v gj,31u h7 32r gq,47k so 47k u0 488 u0,4a4 t2 49g tc 49g u0 4a4 u0 4ae tm 4a4 t2,4ao so 4ao tm 4bc tm,4po 19s 4o6 19s 4o6 1be 4po 1be#T 4a4 122


2011-03-21 03:18:25

Hello I`m new!


2011-05-26 13:46:53

What's up.


2011-08-01 21:23:42

is cool yeah is god, and is fun yea 10 points


2011-09-24 16:41:48

cool yeah


2011-12-23 21:19:29

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!